England All-rounder Ben Stokes Became the Captain of the Test team.

England All-rounder Ben Stokes Became the Captain of the Test team.

The England Wales Cricket Board has decided to give a lot of responsibility of captaining the Test team to England team all-rounder Ben Stokes.

 Now Ben Stokes can be seen captaining the Test against West Indies starting on 8 July.  The first Test between England and West Indies will be played in Southampton from 8 July

 England cricket team captain Joe Root will not be able to play the first Test due to family reasons.

 The England Wales Cricket Board has decided to give a big responsibility to England cricket team all-rounder Ben Stokes for his outstanding performance.
 Ben Stokes, who is performing brilliantly, occupies the minds of all the viewers.  On the other hand, the three-match series against West Indies will be the responsibility of captaining Ben Stokes.  Captain Root will not accompany the team for personal reasons.

 Bale Ben Stokes, who made the world champion, can now play a more important role as captain.  Which the audience may find even more fun.

  The ECB said in a statement that all-rounder Ben Stokes was named vice-captain of the Test team in July and has been working as an assistant to Root and will take over as captain of the team for the first time.

  The board said that when the route returns, they will have to isolate themselves for seven days.  Only then will he be able to join the team.  He will join the team before the second Test match.  The match is scheduled to be played at Olt Tafford from 13 July.

 Stokes does not have much captaincy experience.  He has never captained international cricket as well.  He certainly has experience of captaining Durham Academy in three matches in 2008.

 Ben Stokes has said that it is an honor for me and Ben Stokes is playing the captaincy for the first time.

 Stokes said in an interview - captaining the England team is not easy.  But, it would be a matter of pride for me if I get the chance.  My goal has never been to become a captain.  I am captaining just one match because the routes will not be available during this time.

 England team regular captain Joe Root has also backed Stokes captaincy.  He said that the biggest feature of Ben Stokes is that he sets an example as a leader.  They know the players to perform at their best.  He has good relations and behavior with fellow players in the dressing room.  He respects everyone.